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National Garden  *
Flower Shows Cultivate the Joys of Gardening and Offer Education, and Fun.

Go Green- "Making a World of Difference- Choices Matter"

Ongoing project of Garden Clubs Nationwide

"As garden clubs and as individuals we should be aware of the issues facing our water supply - not just locally, but nationwide and worldwide - and  taking steps to make a difference by making wise choices in the conservation and protection of our water resources  blue gold."

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
Where Gardeners Gather to Share, Learn, Create, and Enjoy. To further the education of the members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, floral design, landscape design, environmental awareness through the conservation of the natural resources, civic beautification, nature studies, and to instill in our youth the love of gardening and the respect and protection of the environment.


Youth Gardening
"A Garden Variety of activities engaging children and teens."
"NGC's youth outreach includes a wide range of activities, scholarships and contests designed to promote horticulture and a love of gardening, conservation, sustainability and environmental stewardship. Several of these popular national programs include partnerships with such organizations as the U.S. Forest Service and the Girl Scouts."  Visit National Garden Club website  for more information.
Visit the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs for more information on Seek, Wekiva, Scholarships, High School Garden Clubs, Intermediate Garden Clubs, and Junior Garden Clubs.   Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Youth Gardening Programs.


Cultivation of gardens: the science, skill, or occupation of cultivating plants, especially flowers, fruit, and vegetables, in gardens or greenhouses.

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Chair for the Garden Club of DeLand:        

Allison Zacharias

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National Garden Club:
Connect with Gardeners around the Globe. Listed below are projects available to Garden Clubs to be involved in. Visit the NGC website for more information.

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​​Located at 4391 St Rd 11, DeLeon Springs, FL 32130.

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Floral Design

Floral Design: the art of using plant materials to create a pleasing and balanced composition.

Wekiva:   Click here

Chair for the Garden Club of DeLand: Allison Zacharias

Garden Club of DeLand   865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  * 386-624-6960

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Junior Gardening Click here

   Meeting the FFGC mission statement, “…instilling in our youth the love of gardening and the respect  and protection of the environment.”, is done through Junior Gardeners, either as a single Youth Activity or   as a Junior Garden Club.  Junior Garden Clubs consist of 5 or more youth, Pre K-6th grade, which meet 5   or more times a year.  Youth Activity is any other program or programs that involve youth and does not   meet the Junior Gardener Club requirements.

  Passing on our love of gardening, design and all things related to our environment is a way of ensuring   the continuation of our passions and the love of our world.  The wonder and joy of this can be seen in the   eyes of our youth. 

Presidents Projects - "Plant America"
Service In Action

"The Saved Seed"
Crown Bees BeeGAP
"The Frightened Frog"
Monarch Watch
Bee a Wildlife Action Hero
Leap Into Leadership
Leadership Materials
The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Ongoing Projects

AMES Garden Tools

Blue Star Memorials
US Botanic Butterfly Garden
Ecology Warriors Workbook
Energy Conservation
Flower Shows
Garden Therapy
National Garden Week
Plant It Pink
Penny Pines
Rain Gardens
Sage & Roses
School Gardens
Spring Planting for Butterflies
Photo Archiving
Water Projects
Outreach Projects
Habitat for Humanity
Disaster Relief
Global Partners Running Waters

Ongoing Projects

Adopt-A-Park  (Parks, Greenways, & Trails) Adopt-A-Waterway
Backyard Habitat
Birds, Bees, & Butterflies
Bartram Trail Markers
Blue Star Memorial Markers
Clean Water
Community Gardens
Coral Reef Restoration
Florida Wildflowers
Habitat for Humanity Landscape Project
Master Gardener
Trees, Reforestation, Forest Education
Wekiva Youth Camp and Critter Camp
Youth Programs - Junior and Intermediate Gardeners

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