Refurbished Blue Star Memorial Marker

Ceremony Chairwoman, Susanne Trittschuh, pictured in center, of the DeLand Garden Club and her committee: Joan Richardson, President 2011-2013, Margaret Gillen, Danny Gainen, and Marilyn Thomas, organized  the rededication ceremony of DeLand’s Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker. The Garden Club of DeLand chose Dec. 7, 2011 Pearl Harbor Day, for the ceremony;  World War II veteran, Tom Thompson was at Pearl Harbor on the day of infamy, 70 years ago, hung the wreath that was donated by The Magnolia Co. in Barberville.

WWII Veteran Tom Thompson places the wreath with the assistance of Joan Richardson and Natasha Watts (past president of the Garden Club of DeLand 2009-2011 and began the Refurbishing Project during her administration.)

The Garden Club of DeLand was honored at the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Annual Convention winning the "Blue Star Memorial Marker Award" in April of 2013.

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Our 90th  Birthday Celebration

Federated Garden Club with the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.


Blue Star Memorial Marker

Refurbished December 2011

Our Annual Plant Sale held on September 30, 2017 was a huge success!

National Garden Week was held on

June 4 - June 10, 2017

​Community Action and

Love throughout DeLand

December 2017 Meeting

Floral Design Auction and Collecting Teddy Bears to donate to the police for children in stressful situations.

FFGC District VI Fall Meeting

held on October 19, 2016

co chairs Valerie Seinfeld and Marti Walker

Garden Club of DeLand   865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  * 386-624-6960

Garden Club of DeLand's 51st Pageant of Crosses

51st Annual Pageant of Crosses. 18 beautiful designs. This event is held every year on Palm Sunday. Interpretation of Holy Week through the Art of Floral Design. Elaine Waidelich, chaired the 2017 Pageant of Crosses,  a Gift to our Community.

Downtown DeLand Container Gardens

Diana Bitler, Chair

Planted and Maintained by the Garden Club of DeLand. The Garden Club of DeLand has a sense of pride in their beautiful city and volunteers and raising money to support many areas of need in their community and our state. Education is the key and the Garden Club utilizing it's role in the community to teach it's members to plan which plants are suited for container gardening and lasting for several months at a time. Twice a year the containers plants are totally redone planted. Once a month a group of members, dead head, pull weeds and replace plants if necessary. We fertilize the container gardens as needed.