Sparkleberry Circle: 
Meets Third Monday - 6:00 pm
Circle President: Eve Sckolnik
The Sparkleberry Circle was formed in May of 2011 in order to provide another night circle for our expanding membership in the Garden Club of DeLand.  We have a mix of ages and gardening experience, working and non-working members.  We meet on the second Monday of the month at 6 pm: September - May.  Our meeting agendas will be varied including speakers on the subjects of Horticulture, Floral Design and DIY projects. We are very active circle and love fun get-togethers, and field trips. 11 members.

Marigold Circle: 

Meets Third Tuesday - 9:30 am

Circle Presidents: Jennifer Stone

The Marigold Circle was organized in 1980, and currently has 23 active members and 1 associate.  Our activities are centered around guest speakers, field trips, and garden projects.  For example, our programs this year have included a fairy garden demonstration; a field trip to the beautiful Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden in Winter Park; and  a hands-on project of  birdbath/leaf casting.  We welcome guests and potential members to join us for our meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. 

Magnolia Circle: 
Meets Second Friday - 9:30 am for Regular Meetings; 11:30 am for Luncheon Meetings Circle President: Marcia Baker
The Magnolia Garden Circle was formed in 1939 and has been an integral part of the foundation of the Garden Club of DeLand.  Our monthly  meetings are the second Friday at 9:30am at the Garden Club.  Our fun and interesting programs include experts speaking on a wide range of gardening and environmental topics, field trips, luncheons, floral arranging, and projects working to better and beautify the DeLand Community. We currently have 15 active members.  One member holds the honor of being the longest standing active member of the Garden Club of DeLand.


We proudly introduce you to the  Garden Club of DeLand Circles.  Feel free to review them to see which circle best matches your schedule and interests.

Blue Sage: 

Meets Second Monday - 6:30 pm

Circle President: Ruth Moorman

The Blue Sage Garden Circle, formed in 1959, has 14 active members. Our meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm, which accommodates many of our members who work during the day. The meetings are usually held at the beautiful Garden Clubhouse, although we have an annual dinner at a local restaurant and several field trips throughout the year. As a gardening group, we enjoy learning through guest speakers, sharing ideas with each other and sharing plants. As a social group we enjoy each others company over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Our membership includes those who have lived in DeLand or Central Florida for a number of years, but some of us have moved here from other areas of the state or country and have new things to learn about gardening in this area. We are active in the community, active in the Garden Club of DeLand, and strive to continue educating ourselves all of which aids in our work to keep DeLand beautiful.

Garden Club of DeLand   865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  * 386-624-6960

Rose Circle:  Meets First Friday following First Thursday - 1:00 pm Circle President: Carol A. Roddenberry
The Rose Circle was one of the founding circles of the Garden Club of DeLand.  Mrs. Robert Warshall, the club’s first president, was a member of the Rose Circle.  Since then, 12 other Rose Circle members have gone on to serve as club presidents.  This circle is a very active group of ladies that have spearheaded many of the club’s projects including the Sensory Garden located at Bill Dreggors’ Park.  Our fundraising efforts have resulted in contributions each year for scholarships for FFGC sponsored activities such as Wekiva and Seek camperships.   The Rose Circle welcomes new members.  We love to garden, arrange flowers, tour gardens and enjoy the fellowship of other club members as we strive to tend the grounds of this beautiful earth. 28 members

Milkweed Circle: 

All Members of the Garden Club are invited to attend these meetings.

Meets Third Tuesday of the month at 1pm

Circle President: Karen Hall

Organized October 2018

Pansy Circle:Meets Third Thursday - 9:30am Circle Co- Presidents:   Sally Bohon & Fran Strawn

Organized in 1951, the Pansy Circle has 25 active members and 1 associate.   Our meetings are held on the 3rd  Thursday of each month at 9:30 AM. The meetings are usually held at one of the member’s homes.  We enjoy learning through guest speakers, each other, and practical experience. As a social group we enjoy each others company at our meetings, parties, and field trips.

Firecracker Circle: 
Meets Third Tuesday - 6 pm in Each Other's Homes

Circle President:  Julia Neumann & Susanna Trittschuh
Established in 2010, we meet in each other's homes.  Membership of 16.  We are cross generational from those with children still working to those that are retired.  We have members in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s,and even 70s.  We have been reviewing different members' gardens as we meet in each other's homes so that we are familiar with their garden and can assist with any problems or concerns.  In the coming year each hostess will be doing her own program. This group is just so much fun!

Daisy Circle:

Meets Second Thursday - 10:00 am Circle President: Valerie Seinfeld

The Daisy Garden Circle began blooming in 1973 as an off-shoot of the Pansy Garden Circle, with a Charter Membership of 38.  Today we've blossomed into 25 actives, 11 associates and 2 honorary. Our Circle has 2 active former Club Presidents, 4 Pillar of Pride Members and 4 FFGC Life Members. Like the Shasta Daisy, we are versatile and sure to add a little sunshine to the scene.  Our group meets the second Thursday morning of each month at a member's home, usually with a program such as a plant exchange, butterfly gardening to a floral arranging demonstration.  We have a Christmas and a Spring luncheon as well as a Spring Social to include our husbands.  On occasion, we've been known to sprout up in another field on a trip such as taking a tour of Victoria Park homes and gardens. While our purpose is to develop skills in growing and arranging flowers and beautification of home and community, we are a sociable bouquet and probably most focused on sharing, caring and being supportive of each other. We enjoy our time together as much or more than our purpose suggests.