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Sensory Garden


June Sunflower

July Rose

Aug. Marigold

Sept. Blue Sage

Oct.  Daisy

Nov. Firecracker

Dec. Marigold

2017 - 2019 Garden Club Circle Presidents

*see Membership Page to learn more about each Circle

Blue Sage - Ruth Moorman
Daisy - Peggy Ferrera & Valerie Seinfeld
Firecracker- Julia Neumann & Susanna Trittschuh
Marigold - Betsy Dieguez & Shanda Hebert​
Magnolia - Elaine Waidelich
Pansy - Joyce Fisher & Penny Smith
Rose - Judy Maurer
Sparkleberry -Eve Sckolnik

Garden of the Month

Jennifer Stone, Chair

National Garden Club, Inc.
Mission Statement
“National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources, and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.”
     The Garden Club of DeLand supports the above mission by bringing to the forefront outstanding gardens in DeLand, FL. area and awarding the “Garden of the Month” to deserving homeowners. Educating our members on the month to month care of their own gardens.

Penny Pines Project:

The Garden Club of DeLand joins with the National Garden Club and the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs by collecting money to help with the reforestation/forest education program.  Just your pennies will help reforestation in Florida’s most damaged National and State Forests.  For just $68, your District, Club and Circle can help to purchase and plant trees in Osceola National and John Bethea State Forest which have had over 11,000 acres destroyed by the Okefenokee fires in 2010 and 2011.  The US Forest Service is trying to reforest 250 to 500 acres per year to replace trees destroyed in these fires.

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden was designed for people to explore and enjoy with all senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) located in Bill Dreggors Park-230 North Stone Street, DeLand, Fl. on the site of the historic Old DeLand Memorial Hospital, which is now a museum about the hospital. The Park also includes a playground and a hiking trail, as well as a lovely little butterfly garden that includes a self-guided tour. The sensory components of the garden were included for the visually and physically challenged. Upon the Sensory Garden’s completion the Garden Club of DeLand dedicated the garden on June 8, 1998. Members of the garden club regularly maintain the Sensory Garden, as an ongoing project.

Karen Hall- Chair

Garden Club of DeLand Officers 2017 - 2019

President - Elaine Waidelich
1st Vice President - Barbara Willey
2nd Vice President - Janie Owens
Recording Secretary - Evelyn Kelsea
Corresponding Secretary - Suzanne Locke
Treasurer - Sharon Gullett

Garden Club of DeLand
Garden Brick Pathway 

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"Plant, Bloom, Grow With Us"

"Beautifying DeLand One Seed at a Time"

 "Plant America"

Organized in 1925 - Federated 1927

Club Flower- Day Lily

Members of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., and

 Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Inc.

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. 

2016 Extra Large Garden Club Website Award Winner


Susan Altom
Diana Bitler
Debra Gaffney

Margaret Gillen

Karen Hall
Peggy Mault
Anita McFeeters

Joan Richardson

Marilyn Thomas

Norma Thomas

Sue Thurmond

Susanna Trittschuh

Valerie Seinfeld

Lisa Schnetzer

Nancy Stafford

Elaine Waidelich 

Marti Walker

Barbara Willey

Hall of Fame

Karen Hall

Elaine Waidelich

Barbara Willey

Master Judge
Mrs. Richard Waidelich (Magnolia)

Mrs. Georgia Kirby (Magnolia)

Barbara Willey (Magnolia) 

Emeritus Judge
Mrs. John Hall (Rose)

FFGC Life Members

Mrs Taffy Branham  Marigold Circle
Mrs. Gerard Ferrara  Daisy Circle
Mrs. John Hall  Rose Circle
Mrs. Richard Waidelich  Magnolia Circle
Mrs. John Trittschuh  Firecracker
Mrs. Georgia Kirby  Magnolia Circle

Mrs. Susan Osterhout Rose Circle

Mrs. Janie Owens Magnolia Circle
Mrs. Joan Richardson  Daisy Circle

Mrs. Valerie Seinfeld Daisy Circle
Mrs. Mary Jane Welch  Daisy Circle
Mrs. Barbara Willey  Magnolia Circle
Mrs. Judy Maurer  Rose/Magnolia Circle

Mrs. Susan Osterhout  Rose Circle

NGC Life Members

Mrs. John Hall  Rose Circle
Mrs. Richard Waidelich  Magnolia Circle

Deep South Region Life Members

Mrs. John Hall  Rose Circle
Mrs. Richard Waidelich  Magnolia Circle

As a Member of a Garden Club you receive

"The Florida Gardener" 4 times a year.  

National Garden Club, Inc. Mission Statement
“National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources, and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.”

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

​Mission Statement:
To further the education of the members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, floral design, landscape design, environmental awareness through the conservation of the natural resources, civic beautification, nature studies, and to instill in our youth the love of gardening and the respect and protection of the environment.

Gabby Gardener
Our Garden Club Newsletter
2017 - 2018

Downtown DeLand Planters

Ongoing Project:" Beautifying DeLand One Seed at a Time"

October  2017 "Planting it Pink" in Downtown DeLand in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Twice a year in November and May the 68 container gardens, in which 15 of these are pedestals and are replanted by all the Garden Club Circles in November and May. One Saturday out of the month, a group of volunteers, from the Garden Club meet to weed, tweak, and evaluate the condition of each container garden. All month long as time allows each Garden Club Circle checks on their assigned containers. Diana Bitler, Master Gardener: Chair


January Magnolia

February Blue Sage

March Rose

April Daisy

May Firecracker

June Sparkleberry

July Sparkleberry

Aug. Pansy

Sept. Magnolia

Clubhouse Rentals

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Newsletter Archives from 2016 - 2017

The color coordinated landscape and business of Thomas Fleishel at 812 N. Woodland Blvd. is the November Garden of the Month, as designated by the Garden Club of DeLand.

Using color to link the garden to the 1924 former private residence, Fleishel has created a sophisticated and attractive business. From the boulevard, a hedge of vivid burgundy leafed loropetalum under planted with green mondo grass and beds of purple and green dwarf oyster plants ties seamlessly to the burgundy trim of the cream colored house.

The deep green tiled roof and green shutter color is echoed through the plantings from the grasses to the rounded shrubs of azaleas and gardenias. Accents of white play out in the variegated liriope and when in bloom, the flowers of ligustrum. Several large sagos and ligustrum add both height and interest while the flowers of the azaleas and gardenias and magnolia are attracters of bees, humming birds and butterflies. Rounded beds of these shrubs also provide a calming and natural sense to the business which is complete with a seating area and fountain. Tended by an 80 something year old gardener, this beauty also boasts easy to maintain plants such as coonties, large cabbage palms, and Asiatic jasmine.

Fleishel is demonstrating how paint and plants can be unified in a artful and cohesive way. Important too is that businesses can harmonize with the environment, provide beauty and a nature sanctuary without compromising a professional setting.

Using House Color as a Backdrop the Garden

  • Decide if your house color is warm (light yellow, pink, apricot) or cool (blue, green, purple), then choose plant colors that follow that warm or cool color scheme.
  • Bright house colors are dramatic and need equally bright colors in plants, flowers.
  • Muted colors, such as brick, coordinate well with orange, red and yellow flowers and plants.
  • Green and burgundy, as in Fleishel’s, make great backdrop colors for planting schemes.
  • Green is the color of nature and unifies any landscape.

Garden Club of DeLand's Mission Statement:  

To stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to share the advantages of association, to protect the quality of the environment, field of conservation, and civic improvement. General meetings are held September through May on the first Thursday of the month at 9:00am (with the exception of October, January and April which are at 6:00pm) If mornings do not work for you, don’t worry. Each circle offers their own monthly meetings with some meeting in the evening for those working individuals. With eight circles, you are bound to find one that matches your interests and schedule.

Garden Club of DeLand   865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  * 386-624-6960

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November 14, 2017  FUN with Flowers

December 2, 2017 Downtown Planting 7am - 9am

December 7, 2017 Garden Club Meeting

Program: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

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Accessory: Santa Claus

Design: Christams Floral Designs for auction

Host: Greeters & Door Prizes

​Members, please bring a Teddy Bear to be shared with Children in Need.Teddy Bears are used at Homeless Shelters and with the Police to comfort children during a stressful situation.