January 3, 2019      6  PM


Host, Greeters & Door Prizes:

Garden Club of DeLand 2017-2019


Arbor Day                               Weedettes

Awards                                     TBA        
Bricks                                       Debra (Rusty) Gaffney

Thought for the Day                 Janie Owens
Door Prizes                              Hosting Circle

Downtown Planting                 Jennifer Stone

Fun with Flowers                     Suzanne Locke

Garden of the Month                Jennifer Stone

Greeters                                    Hosting Circle
Grounds                                    Norma Thomas 

Guest Basket                             TBA
Habitat for Humanity                Nancy Salem
Historian                                   Betsy Dieguez
Horticulture                               Norma Thomas
House                                        Sue Altom
Junior Gardeners                       Susan Osterhout

Membership                              Jennifer Condo
National Garden Week              Marti Walker

Newsletter                                 Valerie Seinfeld
Pageant of Crosses                    Judy Maurer
Photographer-Special Events    Betsy Dieguez

Publicity                                    Suzanne Locke
Rentals                                      Shanda Hebert (temp)
S.E.E.K.                                    Barbara Fiano
Sensory Garden                        Karen Hall

Plant Sale                                  Norma Thomas
Ways & Means                          Lisa Schnetzer

Website                                     Valerie Seinfeld
Wekiva                                      Elaine Waidelich
Wildflower Festival                   Marcia Baker

December 6, 2018          9 AM



Host: Greeters & Door Prizes:

December 6    FFGC Judgement Day for Awards

February 7, 2019       9 AM

Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: 

Speaker:  L

May 1, 2018    Time: 

Accessory: Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: Blue Sage

May 4  Downtown DeLand Planting 7:30am

April 3, 2018    9 AM

Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: 


April 14, 2019
53nd Pageant of Crosses

2018 - 2019


National Garden Club, Inc.

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

Garden Club of DeLand, Inc.



May 21-24 ..................... NGC Convention -Philadelphia, PA


Upcoming Events and Programs

Garden Club of DeLand   865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  * 386-624-6960

October 4, 2018           6  PM
Program: Planting for Success
Design: Halloween
Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: Sparkleberry Circle

​Speaker: Norma Thomas and Jennifer Stone


October 6 Annual Plant Sale 

​ 8 am- 3 pm

Rain or Shine​

Cash or Checks only

October 15  FFGC District VI Fall Meeting  Cocoa Rockledge Garden Club



Garden Club of DeLand

General Meetings

November 1, 2018    9 AM
Program: What’s the Buzz about Bees?Design: Thanksgving
Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: Rose Circle

Speaker: Marlin's Bees

November 30th  FFGC Award Applications are Due 

March 6, 2019     9 AM

Design: Plant of the Month
Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: 



COMMUNITY BEAUTIFICATION – Attending Chamber of Commerce meetings keeps us informed and involved in community projects. Members from all circles maintain planters in downtown DeLand and help care for the DeLand Garden Center grounds. Plants for the downtown planters are provided by the City of DeLand.
DISTRICT VI SPRING AND FALL MEETINGS – Club delegates and circle representatives join with FFGC and District officers to exchange pertinent information.
FAIRY GARDEN PARTY – This outreach event for children focuses on nature, the environment, and gardening. FFGC STATE CONVENTION – The Club President attends yearly. Members are urged to attend also.
FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL – A series of six study units in basic design and three units in advance design taught by certified instructors. All members are encouraged to participate.
FLOWER SHOW – One standard flower show staged during each two-year administration. Each circle participates. GARDEN TOUR – This fundraiser features the gardens of club members as well as other DeLand residents.
JUNIOR GARDENERS – This program is designed for preschoolers through sixth grade to encourage their interest in the world around them. Circles work with the children during the school year on a monthly basis.
PAGEANT OF CROSSES – This annual Palm Sunday event featuring floral arrangements created by circle members and community churches and businesses is presented at the club house as a complimentary outreach to the community.
PLANT/TRASH & TREASURE SALE – This fundraiser features plants grown by garden club members and garden related items donated by members. All circles participate.
SENSORY GARDEN – This is a special garden in DeLand for people to explore and enjoy with all senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound). It is located in Bill Dreggors Park at North Stone Street.
SHORT COURSE – A fun learning experience of interest to all garden clubbers, conducted in June by the Florida Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Florida in Gainesville. All members are encouraged to attend.
SHORT COURSE NORTH – This is an exclusive FFGC educational opportunity with speakers, horticulture and design, workshops, field trips, food, vendors and door prizes.
SUNFLOWER PARK – This community park created by the Sunflower Circle in cooperation with the city of DeLand was a State and National Award Winner in 2007. It features a covered stage, path, benches, tables, and a water feature.
TROPICAL SHORT COURSE – A two-day event of lectures and demonstrations on horticulture, landscape, design, conservation and floral design held in January at West Palm Beach. All members are encouraged to attend.
WEKIVA YOUTH CAMP – Available from June to August for students in grades 3-8. Scholarships are available. All circles provide monetary assistance.

September 6, 2018  1 PM

Program:  Meeting followed by Ice Cream Social

Design: N/A
Host, Greeters & Door Prizes: Executive  Board

Location: Garden Club of DeLand